Escape Rooms

In-person and digital, specifically designed for the advanced training of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.
Our immersive and innovative learning experiences, including our new 3D and 2D escape rooms, are designed to explore in detail the mechanism of action of pharmaceutical products, with the goal of enriching and enhancing existing trainings, taking them to a higher level of understanding and practical application. We focus on providing a deep understanding of how our medications interact with the human body. Through interactive simulations, 3D visualizations, and experiences like the 3D escape room, we offer an innovative educational approach that allows healthcare professionals to better understand the therapeutic impact of their products and optimize their use in clinical practice.
escape room industria farmacéutica

Escape Rooms in-person 

MedMystery Cycle Meets

We design custom experiences, incorporating elements such as secret envelopes, decoder machines, magnifying glasses, mirrors, and challenging puzzles.

In-person sessions are ideal for fostering teamwork, problem-solving, and effective communication among medical professionals.

Escape room 3D y 2D experiencia de aprendizaje

Escape Rooms Digital

Escape Room 2D

We use 2D images to create interactive quizzes that include drag-and-drop mechanics and correct answer challenges, designed for agile and accessible digital training.

Escape Room 3D

Our 3D escape rooms offer a graphic adventure experience, with visual content developed specifically through 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering. Participants interact with a virtual environment, using objects, opening drawers, and exploring meticulously recreated spaces.

4 Keys to Escape Room 3D y 2D

Immersive Education

We transform pharmaceutical education with personalized escape rooms , fostering critical skills and motivation.

Highlighted Projects

Our Escape Rooms

Dive into interactive learning with our Escape Room 3D, designed to transform pharmaceutical education into 2D and 3D experiences filled with challenges, mystery, and fun.