3D Simulators

Replicate and train in clinical diagnostic experiences in controlled environments and simulate real clinical cases.

We specialize in developing medical training tools through 3D simulation. We offer virtual and digital platforms where you can simulate real cases for the training of medical professionals, from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone...).

  • Diagnosis: Training professionals in diagnosis through real imaging.
  • Pathology: Training tools on pathologies or their management.
  • Clinical Cases: Practice with real clinical cases in simulated environments.
  • Simulation: Test your knowledge of pathology management.

4 Key Aspects of 3D Simulators

Innovative Training

Revolutionizing healthcare training, 3D simulators offer realistic and safe practice, reducing errors and enhancing learning.

Innovative Visualization of Pathologies

Advanced Simulators for Medical Training and Doctor-Patient Communication
  • Active Learning
  • Effective Communication
  • Personalized Attention
  • Disease Knowledge
  • Reports
  • Doctor-Patient Communication
  • Progress Tracking
  • Data Analysis
  • Patient Journey
  • Professional Training
  • Training

Highlighted Projects

Our 3D Simulators 

Explore anatomy and pathologies with our 3D tools: ResoReal, AnatoView, and MediTour, designed to transform medical education and diagnosis.