MyChat_IA is the first personalized virtual assistant for your company based on OpenAI. A unique tool where you can find answers to all aspects related to your product and market.
INNEVA Pharma has developed the first AI personalized for your business.

An innovative solution that allows creating a corporate virtual advisor, equipped with artificial intelligence, fully tailored to every need.
This tool is fueled with relevant corporate information such as product clinical study data, competitors, pathologies, objection handling scripts, etc.
MyChat_IA harnesses the power of language understanding of artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI.

Artificial intelligence

How does it work?

MyChat_IA is a software capable of interpreting language, designed to simulate a conversation through chat interfaces, whether in text or voice.
It is developed to understand questions, provide relevant answers, and carry out specific tasks within the bounds of its programming and capability.
As a client, you provide INNEVA Pharma , with the specific content of your business, which we will use to nurture your own MyChat_IA.
INNEVA Pharma will program your personalized MyChat_IA.
INNEVA Pharma delivers your personalized MyChat_IA.
Ask MyChat_IA a question about the content you have loaded into it.
MyChat_IA will interpret your question and search for the answer within the content bank you have provided.
MyChat_IA will propose the answer to you.


INNEVA Pharma will not only create a personalized AI for your company but also provide guidance on training and development strategies for your team.

Through the personalized artificial intelligence MyChat_IA, you will improve efficiency and collaboration within your teams. This tool will help you prepare optimally for meetings and presentations, as well as facilitate the planning of medical visits by quickly accessing key information. 

This solution provides a powerful tool to enhance performance in your team, allowing you to make the most of relevant information for your professional goals.


  • Controlled potential

    MyChat_IA enables you to have an AI with the full potential of AI but within a controlled environment.

  • Safe content

    It will search for answers within the nourished contents, which will be encrypted to ensure the security of the information.

  • Documentary analytics

    It will harness the language interpretation power of OpenAI* but will search for information within the corporate content in PDF, PPT, and Excel formats.

What can we guarantee you?

Key Applications of MyChat_IA

  • Enrich training sessions with an interactive dimension, offering real-time dialogues, content adaptation, and a dynamic, personalized learning experience.

  • Facilitates quick and efficient access crucial de forma to crucial optimizando la toma de decisiones y mejorando la productividad al proporcionar respuestas precisas y contextuales inmediatamente.

  • It offers support for preparing medical visits, providing instant access to relevant clinical information, updated protocols, and personalized recommendations, ensuring more informed and effective patient care.

  • By implementing MyChat_IA, a significant increase in team productivity is anticipated through task simplification, automation of routine processes, and providing quick answers, allowing for more efficient time management.